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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Valley Music Sales Ltd. (VMS) is a distribution company that has been operating for over 40 years. Originally VMS focused on distributing music products; however the company has greatly diversified and is now a competitive supplier for countless different product lines. Some of our major lines include: tech and cell phone accessories (FIFO Wireless), entertainment merchandise (CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray & audio books – Graphic Audio), headwear (licensed NHL/CFL caps, cowboy/straw hats, winter toques & beanies), lighters and tobacco accessories, winter and all season gloves (Watson gloves), flashlights and other truckstop accessories plus numerous others.

VMS Distribution originally started in Ottawa, Ontario in 1971 and in 1986 the head office was relocated to Victoria, BC. With sales representatives located throughout Western Canada we now offer direct-to-store (DSD) service to over 1,000 retailers in a variety of retail channels including gas stations & truckstops, drug stores & pharmacies, hardware and electronic stores. We offer service as far east as northern Ontario and as far north as the Yukon. Today we continue to maintain the original focus of the company by offering competitively priced products with exceptional service. This is the leading reason for the success of our customers and the success of VMS.

With our wide variety of products, competitive prices and our exceptional customer service & experience, we would be great addition to your retail location. Please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative or our head office with any further questions or to set you your account.

We Look Forward to Doing Business with You

The Valley Music Sales Team